Color Correction can seem like a vague service - and we want to assure you there is nothing "wrong" with your hair. This service is extremely customized based on the hair's current color, how many times it has been lightened and the guest's desired result. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your color correction service at Joule Salon.

How do you charge for color correction?

​We charge by the hour for color correction. To determine what the hourly charge is refer to each stylist color re-touch charge. This is the hourly cost for a color correction service with your stylist. We schedule a base time of 2.5 hours then charge in 15 minute increments. During your consultation we will give you our best estimate of time to achieve your goal. It is important to note that hair can sometimes provide unexpected results causing adjustments to the service time or plan. Color Correction services are considered “all inclusive” meaning the price includes all steps and treatments throughout the service.

Why is Vivid Color in the same category as Color Correction?

​To achieve vivid color hair typically has to be pre-lightened considerably before we apply the vivid tone. It typically takes multiple lightening processes to achieve, and requires treatments to maintain the hair’s health. For this reason the service is similar to color correction.

Will I achieve my goal hair color in one appointment?

It depends on the health of your hair and how many steps are involved in your process. Our intention is to maintain the integrity of your hair through every step of your color correction service. Therefore it may require multiple appointments to achieve your goal and keep your hair healthy.

Once I achieve my goal what can I do to maintain it?

Follow the advice of your stylist. The proper hair care products are a must to maintain your color and the health of your hair. Follow up services may be required to maintain the tone of your color.